April Food Drive

Albany Public Library will sponsor a food drive April 21-27, 2014, to benefit Fish of Albany, a nonprofit organization that supplies emergency food, clothing, and other resources to those in need.

In the spirit of giving and to encourage participation by Library patrons, the Library will waive $1.00 in fines for each box or can of food brought to the Circulation Desk at either Library branch that week.  The waiver applies to Library patrons who return overdue books or to fines already incurred; it does not apply to the cost of replacing lost or damaged items or to accounts that owe collection fees.

Suggested donation items include: canned meats; peanut butter; cereal; canned fruits or vegetables; canned meals (spaghetti, ravioli, stew); batter mixes; pasta; rice; ramen noodles (8 packets = 1 item); soup; dehydrated potato or pasta products; canned or powdered milk; baby foods; and some nonfood items such as soaps, detergent, and toilet paper (4 rolls = 1 item).  All items donated must be nonperishable, in good condition, have labels, and must not be past the expiration date.  The Library cannot accept home-canned foods.

Contact: Marcia Timm, Supervising Librarian 541-917-7592