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Library2Go is the name given to the Oregon Digital Media Consortium’s service that provides downloadable audio books, e-books, and videos. This service is provided by many public libraries across the nation under various local names. For the most part, these services are all provided by the same media distributor by the name of Overdrive.

The following information has been aggregated from other libraries to make Overdrive resources more accessible. As technology improves and hardware proliferates, it becomes a formidable challenge to provide assistance and instruction for each and every computer and each and every device associated with differing operating systems. While Library2Go/Overdrive does a great job of providing information covering the universe of possible issues, it can still be overwhelming. The following links are to videos that may provide visual support to make the matter a little clearer.

Since the videos have been produced by various libraries utilizing their Overdrive ‘templates,’ they won’t look exactly like our Library2Go page.  Nevertheless, the underlying resources should remain recognizable. These videos are not intended to instruct you in Library2Go, but to assist you to come to grips with your ‘device,’ your ereader, and Library2Go.  Hopefully, choosing the appropriate video will make the difficult simple. On behalf of the staff and local users of our services, we are extremely grateful for the professionalism and quality of these instructional videos. Remember there are more resources on the Web and within the Library2Go FAQs that should make your reading experience positive and rewarding.

Please note, only Kindle Fire has the capability to download ebooks directly to the device with no computer intervention.  All other ereaders require you to download your library ebook selections onto a PC or Mac computer and then transfer those titles, via USB cable or Wifi connection, to the reader.

Information about comparing ereaders. Comparisons of eReaders…scroll down the page to see the side-by-side comparison chart.
Selecting, checking out, and downloading. A visual walk through that makes it look easy. from the Chattahoochee Valley Library
Tips and tricks for ebook check out. Slide shows with step-by-step instructions for handy ebook extras like returning Kindle books early, wireless transfer to Nook, and more. from County of Los Angeles Public Library
How to get and read ebooks from your library. This video is produced by a user and is quite good. (This video is a little longer and provides more depth.) thoughtshots
Adobe Digital Editions This material is from the Library2Go site.
Library2Go For Kindle PDF presentation with pictures of each step. from Oregon City Public Library
Library ebooks for Amazon Kindle From Overdrive (the company that allows Library2Go to function)
How to Borrow Library Books for Kindle A Good e-Reader Video Tutorial -uses the Library2Go interface
Transferring to a Sony from hhibner
The Barnes and Noble Nook This is a very good, step-by-step site. from the Maryland Digital eLibrary
Nook Another step-by-step with Adobe Digital Editions information. from the Sacramento Public Library
Nook No sound on this video but it is still very good. Quick and clear. from the Palos Verde Public Library
Downloading audio books to a MAC No sound on this video, but it is also very good and does make things clear. from the Palos Verde Public Library
iPhone apps Download Overdrive Media to your iPhone. from the Abilene Public Library
iPhone apps and Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile Overdrive Media and more…. Overdrive Media is for audio books. from the Abilene Public Library
iPhone app Very nice instructions for Overdrive on your iPhone. Richland County Library
Getting started with Adobe Reader Quick introduction to Adobe Reader and using it in conjunction with a Sony Reader. from King County Library System
Returning an ebook early. Would you like to return a book early? from hhibner (a librarian)
Kobo No sound, but the same concept as with other readers, except that this is with the Kobo. from hhibner
Google Google has downloadable ebooks for free (as well as for purchase). This site has nothing to do with Overdrive and Library2Go but may expand your horizons. from hhibner
All sorts of tips and clues on digital media. Excellent site created by the Tampa Bay Public Library which is instructive; includes enhancing links to blogs and additional resources. Tampa Bay Public Library

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Since you have gotten this far, figured out how to use your device, and are ready to “load up,” don’t forget the 15,000 titles available from Library2Go that ARE NOT included in the searchable library. Located on the Library2Go page in the left-hand column, you will see this image that ‘contains’ the great classics and a rich library of public domain ebooks! Enjoy!