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Library Cards

How do I obtain an Albany Public Library card?

I reside within the city limits of Albany or own property there.

To get a library card, you need to bring proof of residency. If you live at the property, you can bring a driver’s license with your current address, a rent receipt, a utility bill, or a piece of first-class mail that has been postmarked in the last 30 days and has your name on it.

People owning rental property but living elsewhere will need to provide a copy of their property tax statement on a yearly basis, as well as proof of current mailing address.

If you are 18 or over, you are also asked to bring a picture ID. Once you have provided the above information and filled out an application, your card is valid and you may check out materials. If you are between the ages of 4 and 18, you will need to be accompanied by your legal guardian or parent (who will need to bring a picture ID and proof of residence) as they are legally responsible for all items checked out on a minor’s card.

I reside outside the city limits of Albany.

Those living outside of the Albany city limits must pay a $50 nonresident fee. All members of the household living at that address receive a borrower’s card valid for one year and enjoy the full privileges of a resident borrower.

I just want to use the Public Use computers.

Nonresidents may request a Computer User card. The card is free, but it still requires identification. Minors will need parental authorization for their own Computer User card. The Computer User card provides up to one hour per day access to the Library’s public use computers.

I own property within the Albany city limits.

Anyone owning property within the city limits is eligible for a card.  People owning rental property but living elsewhere will need to provide a copy of their property tax statement on a yearly basis, as well as proof of current mailing address and a picture ID.

I would like a library card for my school/business/agency

When applying for an Albany school/business/agency library card please refer to the following list of requirements:

1. Submit a letter on business letterhead requesting a card for your institution.  The letter must state:

  • Date of application
  • Name of school/business/agency
  • Agreement of financial responsibility for items borrowed
  • The card will be used for school/business/agency purposes only (non-recreation)
  • Signature of responsible party (i.e. school principal, owner, director, manager, etc.)

2. An application form must be filled out (at the Library) as follows:

  • Name of school/business/agency
  • Address and phone number of school/business /agency (address must be inside the Albany city limits)
  • Signature and personal information of the owner, director, manager, etc.

Please note:

The Library card may be picked up at the time of application.  Library cards are not mailed out.  Cards will not be issued without a signed application and letter.  The library card must be in hand at the time of check out.  Items may not be borrowed without possession of the library card.  It is the school’s/business’s/agency’s responsibility to control use of the library card.  The Library is not able to monitor usage by specific individuals.  Notice will be mailed for overdue items.  Reserves may be made using the library card.  A notice will be mailed to the school/business/agency when the reserve is available.  The Library is not able to notify specific individuals within the school/business/agency.

If you need more information, or would like to see a sample letter, please contact Mardi Hochstetler at 541-791-0011.

I have a valid library card from some other city in Oregon

If you have a library card from an Oregon library participating in the Oregon Library Passport Program, then you are eligible for a restricted-use card from Albany Public Library.  This card allows you to borrow up to five items and place two holds at a time.  The Passport patron is eligible for all other Library services (computer use, database access, etc.).  See the list of participating Oregon libraries.

I need to renew my card.

Albany Public Library cards expire once every two years allowing us to keep up with address changes. You will need to bring in your identification with a current address to update your Library card.

Non-resident, business, and taxpayer (see I own a business or rental property in the Albany city limits.) library cards expire every year.

What if I want to request an item that the Library does not own?

If the Library doesn’t own an item, we can borrow it from another library at a cost of $3.00 per request (an Interlibrary Loan). These requests must be filed at the Reference Desk and paid in advance.  For more details on Interlibrary Loan, please visit the Loans and Renewals page.
If you placed an Interlibrary Loan request, you will be called or notified by mail.