Study Room Policy

  1. Study rooms are available for educational, civic, and cultural functions that are open to the public FREE of charge.
  2. The study rooms are not available for social gatherings, religious, partisan, fund-raising functions, or commercial purposes.
  3. The study rooms will be available when the Library is open.
  4. Reservations for the study rooms may be made no more than 12 weeks in advance unless arrangements have been made and approved by the Library Director, or designee.  Please use pencil.
  5. When a study room has been reserved and the reserving party is 15 minutes late (without notifying the Library), that constitutes forfeiture of the reservation.
  6. Rooms may be used for two (2) hours at a time per party.  Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis by the Library Director, or designee.
  7. Patrons are to sign in at the Reference desk each time they use the room.
  8. The size of the group shall be limited to capacity posted.
  9. Food will not be allowed in the study rooms.  Covered drinks are acceptable.
  10. Items left in study rooms will be turned into Lost and Found.

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