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Terms and Conditions

In return for the grant of Library privileges, I agree as follows: (1) To return all materials when due; (2) To pay any fines and fees which may be assessed by the Library for my failure to return overdue materials.  In addition to fines and fees, to pay any service charges incurred by the City in notifying me of my failure to return such materials; (3) In the event that I fail to return Library materials within six months of the date due, I will pay upon demand, in addition to applicable fees and service charges, the greater of the replacement cost or retail value of the material for which I have not returned; (4) To pay all reasonable repair costs of materials damaged while in my possession; (5) To abide by all other Library rules; (6) If I fail to abide by any of the Library rules, or the terms and conditions, I agree that my Library privileges can be immediately, and permanently, revoked; and (7) In the event that suit or action is brought to enforce this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to attorney’s fees.

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